Vikram Pendse was passionate about the motorcycles since childhood. Even while he obtained a degree in Commerce, he knew his passion- working with scooters and motorcycles.

A 1940 BSA Paratrooper bicycle, used during the World War II, caught his eye in 1995 and he started collecting interesting models of bicycles. Thus began a fascinating journey, which took him to odd places - to junk vendors for discarded bicycles and looking for old and forgotten models of bikes dumped under staircases or behind old residences. Along with bicycles came tricycles, pedal cars and various accessories such as gears, seats, dynamos, air pumps, lamps and many more.

The quest for vintage mobiles also took him to sources of other antiquated artifacts including household utilities, lamps, locks, irons, clocks, glassware, radios, weigh scales and so on, that share the stories of a bygone era.

‘As a collector, I won’t allow anything that has historical meaning and importance to rot someplace or be destroyed because someone can’t store it,’ says Vikram, ‘I think that it is a crime against history  to allow this material to be lost.’