This is a private collection by Vikram Pendse displayed in three storeys of his residence.

The museum displays a collection of more than 150 vintage bicycles, tricycles and pedal cars used over last hundred years.  It also displays a wide range of various spare parts and accessories of bicycles such as gears, seats, dynamos, air pumps, lamps and many more.
The bicycle is a world changer.
Much as fire transformed the way we eat and live, the bicycle changed the way we move.
From walking on foot to moving on wheels. The limits of our lives were widened and changed forever. Tyres made sure we were comfortable too!
One can see the development of bicycles over a period of time.

Apart from cycles, the museum also displays a variety of vintage household items of the past century, from irons to radio sets, sewing machines to buttermilk churner and locks to fans and so on. Some of the objects that catch our attention are simply beautiful and the ambiguity around them make them intriguing.
How whole eras, historical events and human stories can be understood from a single object. How objects communicated and fashioned the identities of the people who owned and used them.

The collection amuses visitors and takes them into the past era.