Vikram Pendse has been collecting Cycles and various artifacts since last fifteen years. Lifelong Motorbike and Bicycle aficionado Vikram Pendse indulged in his passion for bikes, cars and Bicycles. Leaving his degree in Law incomplete to follow his pursuit, Vikram has always had an eye for good things. He started building a collection of bicycles when he came upon interesting information, photographs and some rare and unique bicycles over the years.

‘As a collector, I won’t allow anything that has historical meaning and importance to rot someplace or be destroyed because someone can’t store it,’ says Vikram, ‘I think that it is a crime against history  to allow this material to be lost.’

Vikram contends that objects – unique antique objects in the first instance, but by extension the many things upon which our fascination fixes, such as lighters, milk bottles, mirrors, and cycles and lamps — catch our attention because these are the objects whose secret stories one desires to know.

‘Some of the things that have caught my attention are simply beautiful. I do not know where they were made, when they were used and by whom. I’m interested to note the ways in which collectable objects weave shadows and ambiguities around themselves.’
The objects become more interesting as some of their mysteries are revealed. The social codes, the cultural connections to the past they tell stories about the world that was.
A little lock with a dragon motif or a griffin guarding the keyhole is intriguing. A beautiful shiny blue radio with embroidered white cloth lining the speakers consumes my attention. The paratrooper cycle that was folded and carried on the back during the wartime is truly intriguing. It creates an image of all that was around it in its heyday.
A collected object is a kind of record of acts and things, inaccessible worlds of time’s gone by.

So things have come to take their place — especially in this museum and my collection — as embodiments of knowledge, artifacts out of time and nature, provoking curiosity and wonder.