Lifelong bicycle and motorbike aficionados Vikram Pendse & Pandurang Gaikwad, a veteran cyclist indulged their passion for cycling & restoring vintage bicycles and have created this collection of beautiful bicycles from tricycles for grown ups , folding bikes to Tandem bikes.

‘I saw a broken or badly maintained bikes everywhere and I just wanted to fix them and get more people cycling. I met Vikram Pendse and that is exactly what he wanted to do!’ Beams, Pandurang Gaikwad.

Most of these vintage bikes have been completely restored from their scrap condition. All the parts have been painstakingly collected or handcrafted. Some have been handed over by the bicycle owners or their children. Once the bicycles are restored in working conditions we add the accessories and refine the bicycle.

‘I find it interesting to see the development of the bicycles over a period of time. Restoring these bicycles gives me the satisfaction of  preserving and documenting a part of history.’

This collection has technological, educational and anthropological value and they are a work of art! These bicycles reflect our transport history. After all these good old bicycles are the ancestors of all of our modern vehicles.

All these bicycles have been restored with the help of Mr. Pandurang Gaikwad, who is a veteran cyclist himself. He has participated in the Mumbai Pune race for 15 years in a row. He has also participated in the Mumbai Goa race, represented Maharashtra in the South Asian cycling competition and other national and international cycling events.

‘The three virtues which any bicycle may posses are strength, speed and ease of propulsion. The pleasure of riding a vintage bicycle is worth every effort taken’

Along with bicycles we started restoring some other beautiful objects of the past. They were found in attics or in the junk. All these things are rare and not in use now. It was a great challenge to restore their mechanics or electronics and get them in usable condition again.
It is interesting to trace how they transformed raw materials into finished goods in the past manually or with minimal machinery. Restoration yields insights into how people of the past thought about things and how we became an increasingly complex material world’